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Sean Michael Lewis & Kenndrick Luckett-Epps, with their more than 20+ years of combined experience, have been crafting monster sellers in the restoration market by offering full remote sales management, marketing and sales training, and business consulting.

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Founder & Owner of Tier Level Enterprises

Sean Michael Lewis

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A dynamic leader, charismatic personality and a passion for education. Sean is a subject matter expert in Disaster Restoration, Emergency Preparedness and Digital Marketing.

He started Tier Level in his home working with a select few clients and the word spread like wildfire. Now he owns one of the fastest growing, respected digital marketing firms in the country, with education being his primary focus.

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Director of Tier Level Elite & RSU

Kenndrick Luckett-Epps MBA

A market strategist and sales training guru originally from Newport News, VA. Kenndrick started his restoration career in Richmond, VA transitioning small franchises into the new decade of technology within the restoration space.

Promoted internally from lone salesman to Sales and Digital Marketing Manager of six franchises. He experienced the multitude of hurdles that plague growing franchises and look to bring his knowledge and experience to you in hopes of shortening the learning curve towards sustainable growth.

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