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Frequently Asked Questions

What if we do not yet have a sales team but are interested in the training?

We have a number of clients we actually prospect, interview, and hire sales teams for while in the meantime we help you company understand what the culture of growth entails.

What if we don’t have time for a weekly sales training obligation?

We understand time is of the essence to us all and this is a question we’ve been getting for a while. Well we’ve listened and we heard you coming January 2023 we will be launching Restoration Sales University (RSU) for those looking for a more time flexible segment of training.

What types of clients do you take on?

Great question but it really depends on the specific clients needs and what goals they have set for themselves in the next 3-6 months to a year. For those just starting out we offer business consulting to help expedite your growth process. For those who are established but stagnant please refer you our service levels we are sure there is an adequate fit for you and your team.

Is there anything for those managing a sales team?

Yes, we do have a management segment of training where your sales team can be trained on how to properly sale and building lasting professional relationships while the manger takes their own course of development where we dig further into topics such as documentation, building out of route management metrics, and how one should lead a team.

Are there any materials or resources we can have access to?

Yes, we are constantly updating the technology and resources one should know to be successful in the restoration industry, and send out recording of each training upon request. We also offer a resource manual that helps detail all of our concepts in depth and even a few exercises to really hone in your depth of understanding, with a digital library launching soon.

How long does it take to start earning revenue and what are the ELITE performers making?

It takes a sales professional 6-9 months to start to generate consistent revenue. The program has already generated 5 six figures producers through its first year of conception.

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